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Lock Bumping Prevention Tips from Charles Locksmith Orlando FL

Also known as the 999 method or the rapping key method, lock
bumping is one of the notorious tactics that criminals use. They will
use a bump key, apply pressure on it using a hammer, and the
tumblers will all give way. So for this post, we at Charles Locksmith
Orlando FL
will give some lock bumping prevention tips to
keep your property safe.

The worst thing about lock bumping is it doesn’t show signs of forced entry. Once the burglars got what they want, they will lock the door back, as if it’s never been opened.

Also, lock bumping works in about 90% of all old-style U.S. locks. This appalling fact begs for the following safety measures:

Install security cameras

The first thing that you can do is to install security cameras around your property. To prevent the thieves from noticing the CCTVs, we recommend a doorbell camera. This is an inconspicuous eye that will keep watch of your front door.

So even if the burglar succeeds on bumping your locks, you can expect higher chances of arrest. You can also pair it with other lock bumping prevention tips here to prevent lock bumping. We at Charles Locksmith Orlando FL can also help secure your property.

Change your locks

If you purchased a new home or if your home has old locks, changing it is the best way to prevent lock bumping. You can opt for modern locks with better security features so thieves won’t succeed on their dark pursuits.

We provide lock changing services so you will have added peace of mind. With this, your home or commercial establishment will be secured.

Lock Bumping Prevention Tips from Charles Locksmith Orlando FL
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Use an anti-lock bumping device

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For those who don’t have the budget for changing locks, an anti-lock bumping device is an excellent choice. It sports a thumb turn guard which prevents the thumb turn of the lock from moving.

Professional locksmiths can install this for you. However, this device makes the lock’s key obsolete, so it’s best to have it in place on door locks that are rarely used or opened. It’s also a good choice if you’re going for a long vacation.

Consider high-security locks

If you have the extra money, you can invest in high-
security locks. These locks come with electronic parts
that make bumping impossible. Also, it uses a patented
key that can’t be duplicated easily.

Some advanced security locks will also have an alert system.
During forced entry, you will be notified which allows you to
catch the criminal as they loot your home.

Use keyless deadbolt locks

Keyless deadbolt locks are one of the popular lock bumping prevention solutions. Modern ones can’t be bumped, although the old version still has cylinders that can be picked.

Keyless deadbolt locks can be paired with a biometric system to enhance the security of your property further. Here at Charles Locksmith Orlando FL, we can install it for you.