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When to Replace Door Locks

Your door locks are essential components for your property’s security.
Be it for your home or commercial establishment; door locks should
always be in good condition. Still, like any other things, door locks
will require a replacement at some point. Here at Charles Locksmith
Orlando FL, we provide lock replacements at a low cost. But the
question is this: when to replace door locks?

As your first line of defense, your locks need to be checked and maintained against damages. However, if the maintenance will be more expensive than a replacement, it’s best to avail the latter.

Someone broke into your home

A burglary happens in every 13 seconds in the United States. If your house became the unfortunate victim, having your locks changed is advisable. It’s always safer to assume the worst, including the fact that the burglar has taken hold of your keys.

When this happens, you should call Charles Locksmith Orlando FL. Knowing when to replace door locks after a burglary is always after the police have inspected the area. Once you get the green light, you can now have the locks changed.

This way, the stolen keys can’t be used for re-entry. It’s also added peace of mind for you and your family.

Your keys were lost or stolen

Did you misplace a master key? Or did someone steal your bunch of keys? This is an emergency situation, so you better call a locksmith right away. The thief can enter your house at any time without even struggling to snap a lock or to slip through a window.

A lost or stolen key is a big problem since you don’t know who got hold of it. Again, it’s safer to assume the worst possible scenario to maintain your property’s safety.

Never put off a lock change when your keys got lost or stolen. Every minute that passes by gives the thief the chance to pursue his or her dark motives.

When to Replace Door Locks
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Your locks are in poor condition

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Old properties tend to have locks that are already worn out. It’s best to have it replaced with new ones to boost your home or business’ safety.

Locks that are in poor condition are effortless to snap open. It’s almost similar to having a key stolen. Besides, an old lock will always show physical signs of wear and tear. It will only take a single snap to enter your home and steal things.

You can opt for high-security locks if you have the extra budget. Nevertheless, low-cost standard locks will always work its magic.

You bought a new property

If you purchased a new home, changing the locks is
an option. Knowing when to replace door locks on a
new home is actually tricky, especially if the
property is newly built.

Some homeowners just use the same locks. However,
since someone possibly has a copy of the copy, it’s best
to get it changed as soon as possible. You can call Charles
Locksmith Orlando FL for a quick and prompt lock
changing service.